HERO x Live sessions: De Goede Orkest

Sunday 19 January 2020, Starts: 20hrs

De Goede Orkest
Starts: 20hrs
Entrance free

Program (60 mins):
- Johannes Brahms, 1st symphony
- Arjan Linker, Noise Cancelling 

The first solo show of Children of the Light at HERO, ‘WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT’ elaborates on purity of light and incorporates the viewer in a dynamic spectacle of light, shadow and reflection. With HERO x live sessions a dialogue has been started between the exhibition and performance arts, to elaborate and interact with the experience of light and shadow.

On Sunday 19th HERO proudly opens their door again for De Goede Orkest. 

Under the direction of David de Goede a group of 50 young musicians will perform 2 plays interacting with “TOTEM FOR A FUTURE RELIGION”. 

Johannes Brahms his 1st symphony is a known work. Noise Cancelling is a piece by Arjan Linker commissioned by De Goede Orkest. Being a double concert for tuba, trombone and orchestra, it's the first in it's kind. The tuba will be played by Matthijs Leffers and the trombone by Niels Jacobs.

January 16, 2020