HERO x Live sessions: Holbeck

Wednesday 8 January: 20 hrs | Doors open at 19 hrs
HERO x Live sessions: Holbeck
Wednesday 8 January: 20 hrs 
Doors open at 19 hrs
The first solo show of Children of the Light at HERO, ‘WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT’ elaborates on purity of light and incorporates the viewer in a dynamic spectacle of light, shadow and reflection. We would like to introduce you to HERO x live sessions. A dialogue will be started between the exhibition and performance arts, to elaborate and interact with the experience of light and shadow. We will kick of with the band Holbeck.
Holbeck is a unique trio that balances between the subtlety of Morphine and the eclectic madness of Primus. But with their cracking sax-solos, hypnotic bass lines and pumping drums, Holbeck mainly sounds like themselves.
After meeting each other in their earlier band De Hardheid, Menno Vermeulen (vocals / sax / synth), Pim Koppen (vocals / bass) and Niels Docter (drums) founded Holbeck in early 2017. The trio starts experimenting and releases their first music video and single “Bow and Obey” at the end of 2017. A year later the music video for their single “Fire” follows. 
After the first two singles which alternately show the psychedelic and explosive side of Holbeck, it’s time for a first real EP. Holbeck launches “Medusa” on 5 October 2019. The EP contains title track “Medusa”, an intense auditory acid trip and the energetic and punk-tending song “Perfect Girl”. All in all a good impression of what you can expect on stage.
January 6, 2020