The Rainbow of Human Kindness: Jake & Dinos Chapman

18 May - 13 July 2019

You, you may say I'ma dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will live as one


Imagine, John Lennon


HERO proudly presents The Rainbow of Human Kindness a solo exhibition by Jake & Dinos Chapman.

For over a quarter of a century Jake & Dinos Chapman’s work has been a beacon of hope in our dark and troubled times.

Standing firmly on the right side of history the Chapman brothers have combined reason, empathy, moral purpose and the highest grade raw materials to pursue a progressive philosophical program articulated through the medium of contemporary art.

Hand crafted with a quality of finish and detail that has thrilled seasoned art collectors and children alike, Jake & Dinos Chapman’s sculptures and 2-D works bring together elements from a range of subjects and sources – the works of Goya, low points of World War II, highlights of African Tribal Art and the visual universe of McDonald’s – into exciting and dynamic new wholes, articulating their profound belief in the radiant divinity that underlies and infuses all of existence.

The Rainbow of Human Kindness at H.E.R.O. brings together a judicious selection of Jake & Dinos Chapman’s finest recent works into a powerful statement of their artistic and moral philosophy. In sharp contradistinction to their YBA peers it is laudable that the Chapman brothers have used their big brains neither for self-enrichment nor the spread of a virulent pessimism in which hope and humans are as insignificant as specks of cosmic dust.

Instead is clear Jake & Dinos want to touch each and every one of us in the place that really matters – the heart.