INTO THE WOODS: Daniel Boccato / Stevie Dix / Rindon Johnson / Thomas van Linge / Victor Payares / Dustin Pevey / Gino Saccone / Lara Verheijden / Bertien van Manen

21 April - 9 June 2019


21 April - 09 June 2018

Opening: Saturday 21 April, 17 -21 hrs

Live performances by: Mayo, Thomas van Linge (Aka Randstad)



Daniel Boccato, Stevie Dix, Rindon Johnson, Thomas van Linge,

Victor Payares, Dustin Pevey, Gino Saccone, Lara Verheijden


@theoffice: Bertien van Manen 'I will be Wolf'


HE.RO is proud to announce its second exhibition: 'Into the Woods'.


In his manifesto The Barbarians (2006), Alessandro Baricco describes a cultural shift where the rule of the elitarian few (aristocracy, church, intellectuals, cultural elite), has been replaced by the rise of young ambitious outsiders. The works exhibited in ‘Into the Woods’ playfully illustrate how technological innovation has mutated our cultural values into a rapid experience along the surface of things. The exhibition explores the state of global culture and how connectivity is changing the way we experience it.

Into the Woods features new works by Daniel Boccato (BR, 1991), Stevie Dix (BE, 1990), Rindon Johnson (US, 1990), Thomas van Linge (NL, 1989), Dustin Pevey (US, 1980), Victor Payares (CU, 1985), Gino Saccone (UK, 1979) and Lara Verheijden (NL, 1990)


Furthermore, @theoffice we will present ‘I Will Be Wolf’, a solo exhibition by photographer Bertien van Manen (NL, 1942). In December 1975 the Dutch photographer made a series of black-and-white photographs capturing daily life in metropolitan Hungary. I will be Wolf brings together many of these beautiful and never-before-seen images with the editorial direction of renowned British photographer Stephen Gill. Her snapshots of commuters, grocers, chemists, café workers, and street vendors contain all the hallmarks of a bygone era, before the grip of globalisation was able to make its mark on the country. Imbued with an air of ambivalent nostalgia, the series takes its title from the poem Grief by the 20th century Hungarian poet József Attila.