WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT: Children of the Light’s first solo show at HERO

22 November 2019 - 18 January 2020

HERO is proud to present two forthcoming events with Children of the Light – WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT, their first solo exhibition at the gallery and WARPING HALOS a two-night performative exhibition at the Westergas’ iconic building: De Gashouder.



Opening Reception: 22nd November 2019

22 November - 18 January

Location: Beitelkade 4, 1021 KG Amsterdam

Wednesday till Saturday from 12:00 till 18:00


WE ARE CHILDREN OF THE LIGHT is Children of the Light’s first solo show at HERO.

It comprises a major new installation that continues the duo’s ongoing engagement with light as both a subject and a medium of creative expression. The work comprises a large, totem-like stack of varied projectors that will beam light outwards onto the surrounding walls. No images will be projected, only different temperatures and hues of white light caused by the varied the projectors and their naked bulbs.

Viewers approaching the totem will be bathed in apparent purity of light, which to the human mind is at once present and immaterial and consequently has always been symbolic of the spiritual realm.

Turning away, visitors will become aware of their incorporation in the work as dynamic shadow forms thrown into the world. As they move in this environment of light and shadow, they will glimpse, only the edge of their vision and only momentarily, the colours of the spectrum, as if they were afforded intimations of another world.

In its formal and semiotic simplicity the work invokes the tradition of pure abstraction and in its denial of the image it excludes, for a time at least, the forces of spectacular consumption.