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  • KAAP @hero.amsterdam SPEED TOUR

    Film Gerald van der Kaap's solo exhibition at HERO
    KAAP @hero.amsterdam SPEED TOUR


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    KAAP @hero.amsterdam SPEED TOUR ???????? Sound on! A speed tour through our current Exhibition for everyone at home.

    HERO Gallery Amsterdam Presents,  Permanent Wave, a solo show of new large-scale photographic works by digital art pioneer Gerald Van Der Kaap.
    Internationally renowned as a true front runner of new media art Gerald his work has proven to be prophetic. From highlighting chat messages in almost trance-like repetitive works, to cyber aesthetic that has been dominating the art scenes for the past decade.
    The new work is printed on ultra-durable safety glass, that can outlive extreme circumstances, even conceivably an apocalypse. The pieces Consist of a  fusion of digital photography, screendumps and dadaist sensibility that is especially relevant to today’s art discourse. "Every day we are reminded that we are living in a turbulent time: a time of protest, populism, marketing spin, viruses and of course the escalating climate crisis, in which everything is mediated, by others, but also by ourselves. So naturally this also sticks to all images that I have made, both old and new.” Permanent Wave is a time capsule that illuminates the fluidity of time by seamlessly adulterating 3 decennia into the present moment and maybe even beyond humanity.

  • Bertien van Manen at HERO Westergas

    Video tour through the exhibition
    Bertien van Manen at HERO Westergas
    Sharing Art in the time of Corona. As you cant come to us, we will be broadcasting our must see content and exhibitions to you.
    In this Video an overview of the show "Selected Works" by Bertien van Manen in 'Het Meterhuisje' In Westerpark. HERO’s exhibition comprises images from a number of van Manen’s seminal bodies of works; A hundred summers a hundred winters, the record of her extensive travels through post-Soviet Russia; East Wind West wind, images from her very personal exploration of China; Give me your image, intimate photographs of the lives of people van Manen befriended across Europe and finally a series of photographs shot in Japan, being shown in The Netherlands for the first time. “Through her excellent photographs and her inquiring and humanistic temperament, and with powerful artistic expression, Bertien van Manen shows what historians, writers, sociologists and political scientists argue, that there exist at least two Russias. There is the official, imperial and external Russia, known to us from newspaper headlines, and the one within, the hidden, poor Russia of the anonymous, ordinary people of whose existence Bertien van Manen's moving and revealing album tells.” Ryszard Kapuscinski on A Hundred summers, a hundred winters
  • Athanasios Argianas on his exhibition at Camden Arts Centre, 2020

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    'Hollowed Water' is an exhibition of new work in music, sculpture and video by Athanasios Argianas. Drawing on the social and historical specificity of acoustic forms and visual aesthetics, his works pivot between styles of different periods and genres; between natural materials and cultural meanings.


    This film was produced by Jared Schiller for Camden Arts Centre on the occasion of Athanasios Argianas: Hollowed Water (17 January - 5 May 2020).

  • Gerald van der Kaap

    Hollandse meesters (Dutch)
    Gerald van der Kaap
    Gerald van der Kaap

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    Hollandse Meesters in de 21e eeuw toont een reeks belangrijke Nederlandse kunstenaars van dit moment in hun werkruimtes, gezien door de ogen van gerenommeerde filmmakers. De blik achter de schermen biedt inzicht in de kunstenaars werkwijze, materiaalgebruik, ideeën over kunst.


    Gerald van der Kaap (Enschede, 1959) is fotograaf, videokunstenaar en onder de naam ‘00-Kaap’ werkzaam als vj. Hij is een van de eerste kunstenaars die nieuwe media in zijn werk introduceert.