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Bertien van Manen, I will be Wolf (1975), edition of 5, 29 x 19,3 cm

I will be Wolf

A solo exhibition by Bertien van Manen (NL, 1942).

21 April – 9 June 2018 
Opening: Saturday 21 April, 17:00 to 21:00

In 1975, well-known Dutch photographer Bertien van Manen took a series of black-and-white photographs capturing daily life in metropolitan Hungary.

Her snapshots of commuters, grocers, chemists, café workers, and street vendors contain all the hallmarks of a bygone era, before the grip of globalisation was able to make its mark on the country. Imbued with an air of nostalgia, the series takes its title from the poem Grief by the 20th century Hungarian poet József Attila.

I will be Wolf brings together many of these never-before-seen images.

A book of the entire series was recently published at MACK, with the editorial direction of renowned British photographer Stephen Gill.

For enquiries, please send an e-mail to, or call Gabriel Rolt at +31(0)625005374.

IDEAL-TYPES (27 January – 7 April 2018)

#1: IDEAL-TYPES (curated by Alfredo Cramerotti)

From 27 January until 7 April 2018 HE.RO presented a major exhibition of the work of 16 international artists to mark the launch of their new gallery space.

1. Valerio Adami
2. Athanasios Argianas
3. Adriana Arroyo
4. Ewa Axelrad
5. Chloë Cheuk
6. Fabrizio Cotognini
7. Shezad Dawood
8. Sarah Entwistle
9. Laurence Kavanagh
10. Alice Pedroletti
11. Peter Schuyff
12. Peter Sköld
13. Peter Tillessen
14. Alesch Vital
15. Gernot Wieland
16. Bedwyr Williams

For all enquiries, please e-mail Gabriel Rolt, HE.RO’s Artistic Director, or call +31(0)625005374.