Born in 1983 in Macerata (Italy). He lives and works in Macerata (Italy).

In his works, which moves along the archaeological and historical horizons of art, Fabrizio Cotognini constantly refers to antiquity revisited through a contemporary approach, and privileges drawing as key element of an artistic research that also employs the new media. For him, time, memory, and history are majestic entities that he overturns, twists, and bends in scenic apparatuses that enhance their instability.In so doing, Cotognini joins word and image in a conversation involving sign, drawing, and writing, a conversation which becomes a place for contemplation and, at the same time, of reflexive concentration.It may also seem, and just seem, one of those glosses reminiscing the pleasure of reading ancient books,or even a late-Gothic illumination or a precious decoration revealing its exquisite details.

“My artistic research is based on a contamination process conceived as a matter of interactions, trepassings and fusions between images and word-sign. Through this I want to create new icons using cautiously a “verbal painting” idea: with words, colors, architectures, pictures and maps I’m trying to force the image into imagination. Thanks to this contamination forms are then changing and developing in an construction process. The verbal element with is physical presence doesn’t exist anymore in the sense we know: no more descriptive, in my works it becomes structure architecture. The aim of my work stays then in the link between writing and anti-writing.” F.C